Airport Specs

The John Day/Grant County Regional Airprort is owned and operated by Grant County and encompasses approximately 335 acres.

Runway 17-35 is rated at 12,500 lbs, single-wheel gear, with limited use at 21,000 lbs (W&H Pacific file #39991-2001).  Runway 09-27 was rehabilitated in the summer of 2014, and is now rated at at 34,500 lbs.

A GPS instrument approach, with 600 ft. minimums, is supplemented by a fully automated weather observation system (AWOS III). The lighting system uses variable intensity runway lights and high intensity strobes.

It is the only public airport in Grant County with fuel  and provides  Jet A and Avgas. There are 13 private hangars, a county hangar, a terminal building, and a USFS Helibase at the airport. See more:

The Terminal has one full time Manager and several part time employees who enable the airport to be staffed 6 days a week, 8 hours/day in the winter and 7 days/week 12 hours/day in the summer. The airport itself is never closed except for snow plowing.